The management consultancy ROI-EFESO has been honoring practical solutions for industrial digitalization with the INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD since 2013.
With its award winners from particularly innovation-driven fields of action such as the Smart Factory / Future Factory, Smart Supply Chain or Smart Automation, the award is one of the most important benchmarks for digital transformation in industry.

ROI-EFESO Management Consultants

ROI-EFESO Management Consulting: the leading international operations consultancy for efficient production, adaptive supply chains and industrial digitalization.
We combine technical, digital and transformation expertise to develop and implement innovative end-2-end concepts for supply chain and operations design worldwide. In particular, we focus on the potential of data-driven approaches to master complexity, increase efficiency and realize new operating and business models.
With our work, we help the manufacturing industry to make its contribution to a livable and future-proof world. In doing so, we keep ambitious sustainability goals in mind and support people who have to manage this change from the boardroom to the shopfloor.

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