The market for intelligent building automation is currently experiencing high dynamics. Busch-Jaeger is also facing up to this challenge. In response to increasing customer requirements, the manufacturer of building system technology realigned its supply chain. The anonymous warehouse producer thus became a manufacturer of individual products.

The market for smart home products is growing rapidly and so is the demand for customized products. The changed consumer behavior in the B2B sector leads to increased demands in terms of delivery time, transparency, user-friendliness and flexibility. In order to react to these trends, Busch-Jaeger has introduced a completely new process at its location in Lüdenscheid for the production of individualized Busch-tacteo KNX glass sensors as part of its series production.



The product controls production

While the production was previously designed for anonymous stock manufacturing, customers now have the option of individually designing their KNX control elements using an online product configurator. They can, for example, choose between different device sizes, colours and configurable operating symbols. The product orders generated in this way are then transferred to production using the production order code and unique design ID. A continuously digitized process chain from product configuration to the generation of order data, production planning and set-up optimization ensures maximum transparency and cost-efficient production.


Interconnection of all necessary systems via one platform

At the heart of the award-winning solution stands a service bus architecture based on ABB zenon, which the company has implemented together with Mannheim-based system integrator neogramm. It serves as a central data hub for the hierarchy-less connection of all necessary systems from ERP to code scanners. In the direction of OT (Operations Technology), all machines and systems were connected in a standardized way via OPC UA. This enables dynamic engineering of plants through a generic information model. Plant-specific data can thus be seamlessly transferred through self-description and synchronized even with changes during running operation.


Flexible production lines, easy to expand

With its state-of-the-art supply chain platform, Busch-Jaeger creates the prerequisites for flexible production lines that allow new machines – regardless of their location – to be easily integrated into the existing production line at any time via Plug & Produce. This allows the portfolio of individually manufactured products to be extended to other product lines and increases flexibility for future market requirements many times over.

  • Ability of customer-specific serial production (batch size 1).
  • Expansion of the product range to include additional sizes and configuration options.
  • Acceleration of employee on-boarding through dynamic work instructions on HMIs.


Winner Category:
Smart Supply Chain

Industry Sector:
Electrical Installation Technology: Contract manufacturer

Employees (plant):
Approx. 800 (total: 1300)

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