Mass Customization Model and Interconnected Factory

At Haier Sino-German Intelligent Park in Qingdao, China, elextronics group Haier is using an exceptionally innovative IIoT solution. In contrast to the use of IIoT solutions in a single factory, the entire industrial park uses a uniform, intelligent production system.

Its core is a “smart” manufacturing system for mass production according to individidual customer requirements. An R&D production system also ensures an optimal exchange of information. Haier uses this system to network four factories that manufacture alternating current systems, refrigerators, washing machines and water heaters.

At the heart of the solution is the online platform COSMOPlat, with which the company interacts directly with its customers and thus quickly identifies their needs. This provides flexibility for subsequent order changes, shortens delivery cycles and avoids high stock levels. Above all, however, customer experience is a valuable asset in the further development of the products.


Highly Interconnected IIOT ecosystem

COSMOPlat acts as a IIot ecosystem linking end customers and manufacturers. The production site is also highly networked; the company uses several thousand sensors to record numerous production-relevant data in real time.

Among other things, the site has a “smart” production and quality control system as well as digital time scheduling. If, at the start of a shift, the employees at the workstations in the line change, information on the optimal adjustment of the workstation is displayed directly here. With a SCADA system, the entire production network is also centrally managed and monitored via remote maintenance.


Visualized end-to-end process

With COSMOPlat, Haier visualises the complete end-to-end process for its customers and involves them in the design and planning of existing and new products. This customer-centric solution significantly increased the sales and production efficiency of the Haier Sino-German Intelligent Park. By cleverly integrating additional digitalisation measures in the networking of production facilities, the company has also been able to reduce its failure rates and shorten machine maintenance cycles.

  • Products are “customized” online: Increase of sales and production efficiency.
  • Customers participate in the design process: shortening the product R&D-cycle.
  • Networking the production process with the equipment in the line: reducing operating costs.

Haier Sino-German Intelligent Park

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Haier Sino-German Refrigerator Interconnected Factory
Haier Sino-German Drum Washing Machine Interconnected Factory
Haier Central AC Interconnected Factory
Haier Sino-German Water Heater Interconnected Factory
Haier Institute of Industrial Intelligence
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